The Runes of Elfland by Brian Froud

The Barnes & Noble Review
Award-winning illustrator Brian Froud (Faeries, The Faeries' Oracle, Good Faeries/Bad Faeries, etc.) has teamed up with folklore and mythology scholar Ari Berk to create The Runes of Elfland, an exploration of sorts into the narrative and artistic interpretations of mystical Celtic runes.

Featuring 24 new full-color, rune-inspired paintings and dozens of black-and-white sketches by Froud, as well as more than 100 pages of the folklore and mythology surrounding each rune, this book if packed with notable legends, such as the Birch Mother, the Woman of the Marsh, the Ever-Living, the Green Girl of the Birches, and the Day-Child.

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The Runes of Elfland is a perfect gift book for anyone who enjoys Celtic folklore and mythology, as well as for those interested in faeries and fantasy. Froud fanatics will treasure this offering, which is both art book and folklore collection. "A single word can be a world and every letter a land. A rune drawn upon the ground can have curious consequences, might invite adventure, may open ancient doors. Here are the Runes of Elfland. Here are the songs of the shining lands. Here are signs of crossing and threshold. Here are stories of fate and illumination. Chant the charm, tell the tale, and step across " Paul Goat Allen

- From School Library Journal:
"If runes are the keys to Faery, this book is an Open Sesame."

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