The Lord of the Rings: The Art of The Two Towers by Gary Russell

Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the Ring has become one of ther most successful and visually stunning movies ever made. But that was only the beginning. For The Two Towers, the second part of the trilogy, the artists and designers knew that they would have to surpass even their own outstanding achievements. Within the pages of this authoritative and insightful book are the incredible results of their work.

The Art of The Two Towers illustrates the creative development of the film from sketches to special effects, and features more than 600 images, most appearing nowhere else. This official, fully authorized book includes pencil sketches by Alan Lee and John Howe, costume designs by Oscar-nominated Ngila Dickson and magnificent full-color paintings, sculptures and digital artwork from Oscar-winner Richard Taylor's Weta Workshop. All the spectacular landscapes, costumes, buildings, armor and creatures are covered in stunning detail, including concepts for characters and scenes which did not make it into the film.

Accompanying this wealth of imagery are detailed and informative commentaries by all of the features artists, designers and other key personnel, together with a special afterword by Andy Serkis, the actor who breathed life into Gollum. Their thoughts and explanations give a unique and fascinating insight into how The Two Towers was brought to life, and how J.R.R. Tolkien's spellbinding literary descriptions were transformed into unforgettable movie magic.

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