The Helga Pictures by Andrew Wyeth

The Helga pictures galvanized public attention in 1986, when articles appeared in the press about a large cache of work previously unknown not only to the art world but even to the Wyeth's wife. At first, attention was given to his private project-depicting the same subject in secrecy from 1971 to '85. Away from the publicity that accompanied the debut of these works, they remain a striking, thoughtful study of an individual who evolved as a model from stranger to acquaintance to friend. The works in the Helga Pictures may also be appreciated for their artistic strengths & for their place within his continuing career as a keen observer of the people & places around his residences in Pennsylvania & Maine. Ultimately, The Helga Pictures is a telling tale of a persistence of vision & technique from a perspective that's both objective & personal.
From a distinguished artistic family, Andrew Wyeth (1917-2009) is a painter & draftsman who developed under the watchful eye of his father, artist/illustrator N.C. Wyeth. One of America's most celebrated artists, Wyeth is famous for his tight style of drybrush painting & recognizable subject matter. Dedicated to a characteristic realism in both style & approach to subject matter, he finds resonance & universal meaning in the most commonplace details of the world around him.

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