The Art of Ratatouille by Karen Paik

Pixar Animation Studios, the Academy Award-winning creator of the Toy Story films; A Bug's Life; Monsters, Inc.; Finding Nemo; The Incredibles; and Cars, presents its latest feature, Ratatouille. In this charming story, Remy, a lovable rat (yes, a rat!) with a fine sense of smell and love for gourmet French food, rises to become a chef in the most famous restaurant in Paris - against all odds and with plenty of madcap adventures along the way. The Art of Ratatouille collects more than 200 of the artistic ingredients that went into making this heartwarming film: storyboards, full-color pastels, digital and pencil sketches, character studies, sculpts, and more. With an introduction by executive producer John Lasseter, a forward by director/screenwriter Brad Bird, and extensive quotes from the artists, animators, and production tea, The Art of Ratatouille is a feast for the eyes, not to be missed.

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