Journal Revolution: Rise Up and Create Art Journals, Personal Manifestos and Other Artistic Insurrections by Linda Woods

Rise up and CREATE! No borders, no boundaries: truth, journaled wherever you find it. Grab your mess kit - we're starting a "Journal Revolution."Overthrow your inner critic's tyranny of fear and rules, and discover fresh techniques and inspiration to rant, whisper, beg, stomp or sing your truths. Celebrate your rough edges with a revolutionary new approach to art journaling, as you learn to vividly express your uncensored emotions and boldly record your deepest secrets.

Each chapter pulses with honest humor, art and writing guidance, and easy ways to create vibrant, edgy art. Once you've been through basic training, you'll practice these Tactical Maneuvers with dynamic projects such as "Feel The Beat: Your Life Soundtrack" personalized CD covers, retro-looking "Fauxlaroid" pictures worth a thousand words, and framed canvas "Writings on the Wall." Along the way, "Sound Off!" exercises help you trek confidently into new territory.

Featuring a bonus gallery of art by Rosie O'Donnell and members of the Art Army, "Journal Revolution" will have you marching to the beat of your most creative drummer, knowing that "everything" in your life really is part of "the journal."

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