Acrylic Revolution: New Tricks & Techniques for Working with the World's Most Versatile Medium by Nancy Reyner

* Manufacturers see acrylic paint as the most versatile paint with the most growth potential and are putting marketing and product development dollars behind their products to help educate readers on the benefits of this paint—there are currently over 225 different types of acrylic paints

* The first book to address the most popular applications of acrylics and the accompanying mediums

* With 101 tricks and techniques there is literally something for everyone-from artists, to crafters, to weekend enthusiasts, to students of all levels

* Features a contemporary design that reflects the applications and current trends surrounding the medium

Acrylic Revolution will show readers everything they need to know to be successful in their acrylic painting projects. With over 101 of the most popular, interesting, and indispensable tricks for working with acrylic-each with its own step-by-step demonstration-there is literally page after page of acrylic instruction and inspiration for readers to discover. A gallery of finished art at the back of the book will show readers how to combine different tricks to use in their artwork offering them real-life applications for acrylic techniques.

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